ice cocktail with lemon
ice cocktail with lemon

Ke Gin Ricki

February 2, 2016

What is lemonade but zesty lemon juice and something sweet to make it a refreshing treat. This recipe provide the variety within that gin-and-lemonade niche you can use to make some really engaging cocktails on a single theme. Remember: these cocktails will only excel to your demanding standards if you make them with Ke Gin, possibly the most balanced and delightful gin you’ll ever enjoy.


2 oz. Ke Gin

Half a fresh, juicy lime

1/4 oz. simple syrup

Club soda


1Fill a highball glass (10 oz.) with ice

2Squeeze every drop of lime juice out of the lime and into the glass

3Add the Ke gin

4At this point you have a fantastic cocktail, easily garnished with the leftover lime peel. To make it a Ke Gin Ricki, top it with club soda. If you like a slightly sweeter cocktail, add the simple syrup

5If you’re entertaining and serving the this drink, garnish it with a turnip slice just to screw with people. Or add a little lime or lemon twist instead